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Dryer Ball Giveaway


What are dryer balls?

Dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. They are made out of organic wool and help dry clothes faster, reduce wrinkling and keep your dryer running efficiently! Dryer sheets are made out of wax and other chemicals that cause lint to become denser and sticky. This increases the amount built up in your dryer vent and can cause your dryer to work harder.

Vent Busters tries to educate all of our customers on better ways to do laundry and wool dryer balls are a great start. Enter to win a 6 pack of Woolzies Dryer Balls and make sure to share us on Facebook for a better chance to win!

What is dryer vent cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning typically involves removing all of the lint from your dryer vent. This will will decrease dry times, extend the life of your dryer, decrease dust and allergens on your clothing and reduce the risk of dryer fire. The cleaning involves using a high powered vacuum and special brushing system to extract all of the lint from the duct-work. This process completely cleans the system and does not leave any dust in the home. We also remove any built up lint from your dryer, around the machine and provide a super efficient installation to the duct-work.

All major appliance manufacturers recommend having your dryer vent cleaning annually. If you live around Greensboro and haven’t had your dryer vent inspected and cleaned in over a year please give us a call or schedule your appointment online.