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Dryer Safety Checkup

If it has been awhile since your dryer vent was serviced there could be lint building up in places not normally noticed. It is easy to forget about the dryer vent but it is one of the most important exhausts in your home. Take the time to do a quick inspection and make sure your dryer is still running safe and efficient. If there are any warning signs it is a good idea to have Vent Busters out for a cleaning.

Lint Trap & Filter

The lint trap (where you push the filter into) is one of the first places to start building up lint. Everyone should be cleaning the lint off of the filter when it starts to buildup. The actual trap should be checked as well. Shine a flashlight in, use your phone camera or stick your head in the dryer and take a look. Buildup can be removed with a brush or vacuum attachment. If the trap is constantly filling with lint over a short period of time it is a sign a dryer vent cleaning is needed.

Too much buildup in the lint trap causes an air restriction right at the start of the venting process. This can cause longer dry times, condensation issues, dusty dryers and clogged vents. Remember to check the lint trap every once and awhile. Read More…

Behind the Dryer

When we pull out your dryer any dust or goodies behind the machine are cleaned up. Over time lint, dust, dog hair, hangers and socks can end up back there. Most of the time you can use your phone camera to snap a picture reaching over the dryer. Make sure the hose doesn’t look crushed or dusty and there isn’t a pile of clothes back there.

When we install the machine there is great care to make sure the transition hose is in the perfect place for your setup. Don’t pull out the machine unless you have to or give us a call for help. Read More…

Outside Vent

If you can easily access the vent cover wipe away any built up lint and make sure the door or louvers open and close freely. Take this time to shine a flashlight into the vent and take a look inside. Any buildup that is more then a dusty coating and we recommend a dryer vent cleaning.

Sometimes the vent cover can be high up on the house or in hard to see places on the roof. Try and see if there is any buildup in the cap from the ground. Phone camera zoom works well for this. Remember we climb ladders every day, call if you suspect a problem.

The airflow coming out of the vent should be forceful and warm. You should be able to hear the dryer running, wool balls bouncing, zippers clanking, etc.

Roof Vents

If your dryer vent terminates at the roof or high up on the house it should be serviced annually. A dryer must work a lot harder to push the heavy lint filled air vertically to the roof. This leads to more lint sticking to the inside of the ductwork and collects inside the roof cover. If the cover builds up enough it is like putting a cork on the end of the pipe. These types of vents are hard for a homeowner to access or even see from the ground. Stay safe and efficient with an annual cleaning.

Custom Installations

There are certain setups and installations we recommend having professionally serviced every year. If the the dryer is installed under a countertop, on custom pedestals or similar configuration it should really be on a yearly schedule. These setups are typically custom and it is hard to see what is happening behind the machine. It can be hard to push the machine back without crushing the transition tubing and really needs a professional touch to reinstall properly.

Dry Times

Finally, watch your dry times on the next couple of loads. A large load of towels should average around 40 minutes. Anything over 60 minutes is too long and a dryer vent cleaning is really needed. The laundry should finish drying in a single cycle and be fluffy and hot/warm. There shouldn’t be any mildew smells, condensation, dust or dampness.

Ready to Schedule?

If you find anything of concern during your DIY inspection please give us a call or schedule an appointment online.