Dryer safety is a big concern.  Vent Buster technicians often come across improper vent material, hazardous connection points, and homeowners who ignore vent warnings or try to fix the problem themselves. The following is a checklist to be sure your vents are in proper working order.
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Excessive lint behind or in your dryer vent

Excessive lint behind a dryer can mean there’s even more¬†lint blocking the way, which can lead to moldy clothes, energy waste, and even dryer fires.

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Using PVC piping or plastic piping

Plastic and PVC piping can both produce sludge from trapped moisture in the vent, causing lint to collect and harden. This can cause problems, from difficulty cleaning the pipe, all the way to dryer fires.

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Using screws, bolts, or duct tape to secure your connections

Duct tape will dry out over time and leave gaps through which moisture and dust can get trapped, while screws and bolts are master lint collectors.

See Any Problems?

Having a dryer vent cleaning professional inspect and clean your vents can easily pay for itself within a year and can keep your family safe from fires, debris, and other hazards. Schedule an appointment with Vent Busters today!