Friendly West Dryer Vents

We have been to several homes in the neighborhood and noticed some severely clogged and broken dryer vents in the crawl spaces. Lint buildup in a dryer vent can cause longer dry times, dusty laundry rooms, increased energy usage and can cause the dryer to fail or even go on fire.

Your Neighbor’s Vents

We have found some units with flexible plastic tubing stretching 40+ ft through the crawl space. These long plastic vents are very brittle and quite a few are broken and exhausting into the crawlspaces. This is a lot of lint and moisture going under the house.

The Repairs

These flexible lines should be replaced with metal duct work. This creates a smooth path for the lint and moisture to exhaust outside. We are able to shorten the length of the vent in many cases and create an even more efficient and cost effective solution.

The Cleanings

Several of the units have already been retrofitted with metal ductwork in the crawl space. We will perform a visual inspection, clean out the duct work and provide an efficient dryer installation. A cleaning of metal duct work should be performed every couple of years.

Scheduling is Easy

The easiest way to setup an appointment is through our online scheduling portal. Simply select “Dryer Vent Cleaning” and an appointment day / time that fits your schedule. A flat rate price is included as well.

We will send a confirmation email, day before reminder and a text when we are on the way. The cleaning service is typically 1-2 hours. If we find your vent needs additional repair or does not qualify for cleaning we will provide a free inspection and quote for repair.

Scheduling Portal

If online scheduling isn’t your style, feel free to give us a call at 336-899-8001. Our phones are usually pretty busy but we are prompt to call back and setup an appointment.