What is going on with my dryer vent?

We have found that some of the dryer vents in Maple Ridge are made of a white plastic hose that pose a serious fire risk, efficiency issues, dryer breakdown, moisture problems and more! This type of material is not sufficient for the hot exhaust of your clothes dryer. It needs to be upgraded to a sealed rigid metal vent. This upgrade will provide a reduced risk of fire and allow your dryer to operate safely and efficiently. Vent Busters has installed many dryer vents in Maple Ridge attics and we are very confident in our solution. Our clients have seen better dry times, increased life expectancy of their dryers and peace of mind that their homes are no longer at risk for a dryer fire.

What is the fix?

The service call includes:

  1. Assessment of the dryer vent
  2. Removal of outdated plastic hose in walls and attic
  3. Installation of 4″ rigid metal vent in wall into attic and termination to roof/wall vent.
  4. Efficient installation of dryer to new duct work
  5. Tune up and cleaning of the clothes dryer
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What is dryer vent cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning typically involves removing all of the lint from your dryer vent. This will will decrease dry times, extend the life of your dryer, decrease dust and allergens on your clothing and reduce the risk of dryer fire. The cleaning involves using a high powered vacuum and special brushing system to extract all of the lint from the duct-work. This process completely cleans the system and does not leave any dust in the home. We also remove any built up lint from your dryer, around the machine and provide a super efficient installation to the duct-work.

All major appliance manufacturers recommend having your dryer vent cleaning annually. If it has been more than a year since you have had your vent cleaned or you are in need of repairs to the vent in the attic please give us a call or schedule your appointment below.