Thank You!

Your appointment request has been sent to our scheduling team. We will be in contact via email/text within 24 hours with a variety of reservations.

Appointment Tips

  • I am not afraid of most dogs, cats, kids, animals or whatever else is running around. Just be mindful of toolbags and equipment.
  • Please do not uninstall the dryer for me. The installation tells me a lot about possible issues. I also have very specific ways of moving the machine onto your floors.
  • I may have to go into your attic or crawl space if issues come up. Be prepared if access is in a bedroom, closet, etc.
  • I am an advanced climber with 15+ years experience on ladders, roofs, attics and confined spaces.
  • You will receive pictures via text during the appointment to keep you up to date on my progress.
  • I prefer to remove my shoes in most homes. I do my best not to track in dirt or wet. I will not walk on carpet with shoes on.
  • Feel free to be as involved in the cleaning as you would like. I welcome questions and discussion while I work. If you are busy with Zoom calls or occupied that is fine as well.

Covid-19 Precautions

We are taking steps to keep myself and customers as safe as possible. I will wear a mask and gloves in your home and wipe down the washer, dryer and any door knobs I come in contact with. All tools and equipment brought into your house are wiped down and sanitized after every job. Appointments are taking a bit longer due to the extra effort I am putting in. Please have patience with my arrival time, if I am running late I will keep you in the loop.

We ask that you have your laundry room prepared to have the dryer uninstalled. Remove all objects from the top of the dryer and washer. Make sure there is as much room as possible to pull the dryer out and work safely without coming into contact with your belongings. I normally help with this but need to limit my contact as much as possible to ensure our mutual safety.