Bathroom Bird Nest Removal

A practical solution for homeowners battling with nuisances caused by unwelcome bird nests in bathroom vents. Put an end to unpleasant odors, pest invasions, mold growth, and further damage.

Service paused for breeding season- May - August

As the breeding season takes wing, Vent Busters prioritizes the safety of birds and adheres to responsible wildlife practices. Currently, our nest removal and vent repair services for bathroom vents are paused to avoid disturbance during this active period. Bathroom venting is a very delicate material. Removing the nesting while breeding is taking place is impossible and will result in damage to your vent. Rest assured, we’ll be ready to tackle any nest issues you have when the season concludes at the end of summer.

We do offer vent cover repair but we cannot install bird protection to a vent with an active nest. If your bathroom vents host an active nest, we recommend consulting with a specialized wildlife removal service for immediate assistance.

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning service is available.

Bathroom Bird Nest Removal

Are birds nesting in your bathroom vents? Don’t let them cause damage to your duct work, invite bug infestations, and create unpleasant smells in your bathroom. Let Vent Busters take care of the problem for you!

At Vent Busters, we specialize in effectively removing bird nests and any unfortunate deceased birds from your bathroom vents. Not only will we restore proper airflow, but we also offer a range of bird guards to prevent future invasions.

Choose Vent Busters to handle your bird vent issues with professionalism, efficiency, and care. Say goodbye to the grossness of birds breeding in your bathroom vents and hello to a clean and healthy environment!

Contact Vent Busters today to protect your home and keep those birds where they belong – outside!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove nests from the vent?

Bathroom vents are very delicate and require special care to clean out properly.

We have an arsenal of tools to safely extract the nesting without damaging the vent. We pull out pine straw, wood chips, poop and other nesting the birds bring into the vent.

Once the vent is clear we provide a guard suitable for your siding.

What happens if I leave the birds?

Bathroom vents are made of an insulated flexible core. This is the same type of vent modern HVAC systems use. It is very delicate and birds can rip into it. Once the outer core is punctured the birds gain access to your ceilings, walls, attics, etc. The damage can be in the thousands.

Birds bring disease, bugs, mold and smells. Your fan will circulate the contaminated air back into the bathroom whenever you are taking a shower…

What if you can't clean the vent?

If a bathroom vent is severely damaged and cannot be cleaned the only alternative is to replace the entire vent.

This requires access to the attic or ceilings and becomes a bigger project. If we find any of the vents are beyond cleaning we will inform you and come up with a solution for replacement.

How do you guard the vents?

We offer a variety of pest proof guards and vent caps. The standard service includes a plastic guard and hood. There are also options for metal guards and premium vent caps.

Should I call pest control or wildlife?

In our experience Wildlife services shy away from dealing with nests in vents. We have come across plenty of homes where the wildlife services simply installed a guard and left the nest to rot inside the vent.

Our guess is that they know the high likely hood of the vent being damaged and aren’t equipped to deal with it. It is also really gross to get bird poop all over myself, so there is that too.

What happens to the birds?

The majority of bird nests we come across are empty after May.

If we find a live nest we can setup one way exits onto the vent. This will allow the birds to leave when they are ready but cannot get back in.

If you choose we can reschedule for a later date after the birds develop and leave the nest. We are not a wildlife service and cannot “rescue” the birds.

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