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Pricing is quoted upfront before you key in your details. See the FAQ for payment terms.

Schedule Online - Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our highly skilled technicians employ high-powered vacuums and specialized brushes to extract all lint from your vent, leaving no mess in your home and ensuring a thoroughly spick-and-span dryer vent. Read More...


Schedule Online - Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers

Welcome back! For homes we've serviced over the past 1-3 years, we're here to eliminate lint buildup and prevent pests, ensuring your dryer's dependability. Continue to keep your dryer efficient and safe with regular cleanings.


Schedule Online - Dryer Vent Repairs

Repair Inspection

Repairs and replacements vary from job to job. We like to evaluate these types of issues and come up with a quote in the home. Services include repairing, sealing, hanging dryer vents. Complete replacement of flexible hose with rigid piping. Read More...

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Vent Cover Repair

Our vent covers not only enhance the look of your home, but they are also designed to withstand the test of time. With our pest-resistant vent caps, you can have peace of mind for yourself and your family. Read More...



Schedule Online - Business Dryer Vent Cleaning

Business Dryer Vent Cleaning

Groomers, spas, salons, gyms and any other business that drys a ton of towels. Service typically takes 2-3 hours.


Price will vary depending on roof terminations, laundry setup and working conditions. We will quote accordingly after inspection.

Schedule Online - Bathroom Bird Nest Removal

Bathroom Bird Nest Removal

We specialize in effectively removing bird nests and any unfortunate deceased birds from your bathroom vents. Not only will we restore proper airflow, but we also offer a range of bird guards to prevent future invasions. Read More...



Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does payment work?

Payment will be collected by our technician who will promptly email you a receipt. We prefer payments via credit card, as well as Apple or Google Pay, for a smooth transaction. We’ll happily accept check or cash and even cryptocurrency.

How do you know the price before you come out?

We’ve built our expertise on servicing thousands of homes in our service area. This wealth of experience equips us to predict and manage any potential issues efficiently. As part of our clear and straightforward approach, our pricing is uncomplicated—we operate on a flat rate that’s communicated upfront.

This single-focus expertise in dryer vents not only makes us proficient in the field, but also allows us to offer you reliable service, durable solutions, and ultimately, peace of mind.

How do I reach you on the phone?

Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Our dispatcher, Mr. Saad is ready to answer questions and schedule your appointment. 336-899-8001

How do I schedule a rental home?

We gladly extend our services to rental homes. However, as a responsible solution provider, we require the landlord or homeowner’s approval before proceeding with the appointment. This is because our work involves servicing a crucial home utility, necessitating homeowner awareness.

In terms of payment, we expect it to be made upon service completion. For your convenience, we can facilitate credit card payments either prior to the appointment or over the phone during the service. Meeting our technician at your rental is also a welcome option.

As we collaborate regularly with landlords and investors, we can establish customized billing terms. Our aim is to provide a practical and straightforward process, ultimately delivering peace of mind to all parties involved.

Feel free to schedule online and use the comment box during the scheduling process to inform us of the rental situation.

Do you offer HOA or group discounts?

Yes. Please contact us with the amount of homes you have in mind and we can offer a group rate.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

What can I expect from the appointment?

Laundry Room Assessment:

To begin, we will carefully evaluate your laundry room. Please ensure that there are no items on the floor or on top of the dryer. Once we start, we will need to pull out the machine.

Dryer Inspection:

We will inspect the dryer and its installation by running it. We prefer to unhook the machine and pull it out, so please avoid disconnecting anything if possible. Before our arrival, please refrain from running the dryer and make sure it is empty.

Vent Inspection and Cleaning:

We will check the outside vent and take initial airflow readings. Based on our observations, we will provide recommendations and commence the cleaning process.

Your Involvement and Convenience:

You are welcome to be as involved as you like during the service. Our technicians are happy to engage in conversation while working and can offer insights and educate you on clothes dryers and household maintenance.

If you are busy or working from home, rest assured that we are self-sufficient and can carry out the service from start to finish with minimal disruption.

Communication and Updates:

We will keep you informed throughout the job by texting you pictures of the work in progress. Please have your phone ready in case we have any questions or comments for you while our technician is working.

Completion and Payment:

Once the cleaning is complete, our technician will provide an explanation of the accomplished tasks, expectations, maintenance tips, and a cleaning schedule. You can make the payment directly to the technician using a credit card, check, or cash.

Why do you have to access my laundry room?

Most dryer fires and efficiency issues start at the hose that connects your dryer to the ductwork. The installation of the machine plays a huge roll. Simply cleaning out the vent and ignoring the installation can be dangerous and careless. Most dryer transition hoses I inspect can be improved or are in need of repair.

When I leave your home I want to guarantee the entire system is clean, efficient and safe. Besides, pulling out the dryer provides a good time to find all those missing socks and hangers!

Will you fix the hose on the back of my dryer?

Yes. Airflow and safety issues start at the transition hose that connects the dryer to the ductwork. All of our cleanings come with high heat, UL listed installations.

Will you go on the roof?

In the event that your dryer exhausts to the roof it is very important to make sure the roof cap is working properly. Roof runs tend to get clogged at the cap and can cause a heavy blockage even if the duct is clean.

I usually clean the vent from the laundry room to the roof. A camera is sent up the pipe to the roof cap and checked for issues. If there is heavy build up or an issue with the baffle we will manually clean it.

I can access most roofs but in the event of a dangerous pitch or tricky placement the roof cap can usually be cleaned from the attic.

What about my floors?

I protect floors and carpets by using thick canvas and hard skid mats to pull the machine out. The legs of the dryer never come into contact with the flooring. If you have a heavy stack setup or laundry center I carry an inflatable appliance mover that lifts the machines and floats them out with little effort. Not damaging floors is a top priority and taken very seriously.

Will you go into my attic or crawlspace?

If you suspect there is a problem or there is a “zero airflow” situation I will usually go inspect the actual pipe. Before the cleaning we perform a variety of pressure and visual tests. If I detect a problem then I will go for a full inspection and come up with a solution.

Will you wear booties in my house?

I prefer to take my shoes off at the door. I do a lot of in and out and taking booties on and off is a tripping hazard. If you prefer I always have fresh booties and shoe covers available. Either way I will never walk on carpeting with boots on and will not track dirt/mud into the home.

Do you charge by the length of the pipe?

No. Some companies will low ball a “service price” to get in the door and then charge more based on the length of the run. My price is based on how difficult it is to access behind the dryer and the outside vent cap. The length of the vent doesn’t play a roll in price as the cleaning procedure is the same.

Bird Nest Removal

*Service Paused for Breeding Season*

Our bathroom vent services are paused from May to August. This is the time we find birds actively breeding and it is best to call a wildlife removal service. 

Bathroom venting is a very delicate material and cleaning becomes impossible once breeding begins.

We do offer vent cover repair but will not install bird protection to any vent with an active nest.

How do you remove nests from the vent?

Bathroom vents are very delicate and require special care to clean out properly.

We have an arsenal of tools to safely extract the nesting without damaging the vent. We pull out pine straw, wood chips, poop and other nesting the birds bring into the vent.

Once the vent is clear we provide a guard suitable for your siding.

What happens if I leave the birds?

Bathroom vents are made of an insulated flexible core. This is the same type of vent modern HVAC systems use. It is very delicate and birds can rip into it. Once the outer core is punctured the birds gain access to your ceilings, walls, attics, etc. The damage can be in the thousands.

Birds bring disease, bugs, mold and smells. Your fan will circulate the contaminated air back into the bathroom whenever you are taking a shower…

What if you can't clean the vent?

If a bathroom vent is severely damaged and cannot be cleaned the only alternative is to replace the entire vent.

This requires access to the attic or ceilings and becomes a bigger project. If we find any of the vents are beyond cleaning we will inform you and come up with a solution for replacement.

How do you guard the vents?

We offer a variety of pest proof guards and vent caps. The standard service includes a plastic guard and hood. There are also options for metal guards and premium vent caps.

Should I call pest control or wildlife?

In our experience Wildlife services shy away from dealing with nests in vents. We have come across plenty of homes where the wildlife services simply installed a guard and left the nest to rot inside the vent.

Our guess is that they know the high likely hood of the vent being damaged and aren’t equipped to deal with it. It is also really gross to get bird poop all over myself, so there is that too.

What happens to the birds?

The majority of bird nests we come across are empty after May.

If we find a live nest we can setup one way exits onto the vent. This will allow the birds to leave when they are ready but cannot get back in.

If you choose we can reschedule for a later date after the birds develop and leave the nest. We are not a wildlife service and cannot “rescue” the birds.

Dryer Vent Repair & Installation

Why would a dryer vent need to be replaced?

Dryer vents are supposed to be built using heavy duty metal ductwork and have a short clear path to the outside. Unfortunately home builders and handymen used inferior materials for decades and many homes across Greensboro are having issues with failed vents and exhausting into the structure of the home or sometimes no where at all!

Flexible tubing, plastic, PVC and even improperly installed metal duct work can trap moisture and lint. If the installer was careless enough to use these cheap materials they usually don’t do a great job at sealing or securing the vent either. This leads to broken vents, moisture problems, long dry times and can even cause a fire.

How do I know if I need a new dryer vent?

Dryer vents are usually installed in the dark recesses of our homes. Attics, crawl spaces, basements and other hard to reach areas. It can be hard to tell where the vent is or what kind of condition it is in.

During any cleaning or evaluation call we are able to run tests on the vent to check for issues and are experts at navigating these hard to reach places for inspection.

If there is any type of white plastic tubing or flexible material involved beyond the actual dryer hookup, there is reason for concern.

Is this going to cost me big bucks?

It usually isn’t as bad as you would think. My customers always have a sigh of relief when I give them my price. There is always great value in the work we put into a replacement or repair project versus the cost to the customer.

I am not sure what I need!

Have Vent Busters out to evaluate your system. We will pinpoint any issues and provide a clear explanation and gameplan to resolve them.

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