Exterior Vent Cover Replacements


Exterior Vent Cover Replacements

Vent Busters offers a variety of exterior vent covers or caps for your dryer vents, bathroom exhausts, soffit vents, kitchen exhaust and more. Our wide selection ranges from economical plastic vent caps, energy efficient dryer vent covers, high end metal caps and luxury custom fabricated terminations. Whether you need to repair broken vents on the side of your house or want to upgrade to better quality metal covers we have something to fit your home.


Metal Vent Caps

Vent Busters’ lineup of metal vent caps offer super efficient design with minimal back pressure, extended durability in the sun, and great curb appeal. Bird and rodent protection available as well. Options appropriate for dryer vents, bathroom vents and more. If you want to replace your exterior vent caps once then go with a metal vent cover.


Classic Hood Style Covers

Vent Busters most popular product. Metal hooded style covers that look great on any type of siding and offer decades of protection against direct sunlight. A vent hood with single baffle and optional pest screen. This is a great choice if your builder quality plastic cover is broken or you want a stylish long lasting vent cover. These will match their plastic counterparts so there is a uniform look whether you want to replace one or all of them. Great for HOA situations where the covers need to match the rest of the neighborhood.

Dryer Wallvent

Our dryer wallvents are a high quality metal vent cover with a super efficient design specifically for dryer vent terminations. The single baffle design minimizes back pressure, lowers dry times and offers built in pest protection without the need of an external bird guard. The louver recesses into the body of the vent cap and magnetically seals when the fan is off. Birds, chipmunks, squirrels, mice and other pests cannot pry the door open like plastic variants. The metal is powder coated in white, brown, tan or black and will withstand direct sunlight for decades.

While the dryer wallvent is designed for the high CFM of a dryer vent, they can be modified to fit most bathroom applications as well. This allows us to match all of the vent caps on your home for great curb appeal and uniform look. A great choice for brick and most siding applications.

Plastic Vent Cap Replacement

Plastic vent covers are an economical choice to replace broken vent caps on the side of your house. Our plastic vents come in a variety of options. Direct home builder replacements, integrated bird guards, dual flap no pest designs and more. All of our plastic vent covers look great on siding or brick. High quality ABS plastic with UV protection gives years of life. However, with all plastic vent caps constant direct sunlight will eventually cause dry rot and failure. These are a great option for budget minded folks or shaded applications. Direct sunlight applications are always better off with our metal product lines.

Soffit Vent Repairs

Many homes exhaust bathroom and dryer vents through the soffit. Home builders use a variety of cheap plastic that will dry rot and introduce birds to your attic space. Vent Busters offers long lasting metal and plastic vent covers for bathroom and dryer soffit applications.

Kitchen Exhaust Covers

We keep finding homes all around Greensboro with broken kitchen vent covers. The builder grade exhaust terminations are typically plastic and don’t last long in the sun. Once they break it is a 8 inch hole on the side of your house that will allow birds and pest inside. Vent Busters offers metal vent caps for your kitchen exhaust that are long lasting and look great. Available in white, brown or black powder coating. Stainless, galvanized and copper finishes as well!


Bird Guards

We have a wide range of bird and pest guards. Long lasting plastic and metal coverings for all types of siding, brick and soffit vents. We are the only servicer in the area that carries code approved dryer vent guards like the metal Defender and our plastic Guardian.

Ready to have your exterior vent cover repaired?

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