Dryer Vent Cleaning

Straightforward, no-nonsense service that promises more than just clean vents. Experience lower drying times, reduced energy usage, and a significant decrease in fire risks.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

We offer a high-quality and comprehensive cleaning service that banishes lint from your dryer vent, delivering numerous rewards for your home and your peace of mind. Right away, Schedule your cleaning online and discover how we outshine our competitors.

Reap the Rewards of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Boosted Efficiency, Reduced Energy Costs: Our service eradicates lint build-up, turbocharging dryer performance, reducing drying times, and cutting energy consumption.

Extended Dryer Lifetime: Reducing lint deposits reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your dryer’s components, extending its life span for years of dependable service.

Allergen and Dust Control: A sanitized dryer vent means less lint, dust, and allergens clinging to your clothes—an essential consideration for anyone with allergies.

Minimized Fire Hazards: Lint accumulation in the vent can be extraordinarily flammable. By removing this, our cleaning process ascends your safety parameters, providing a tranquil domestic environment.

Vent Busters Cleaning Process

Our highly skilled technicians employ high-powered vacuums and specialized brushes to extract all lint from your vent, leaving no mess in your home and ensuring a thoroughly spick-and-span dryer vent.

Experience a Full-Service Cleaning

Our super-cleaning doesn’t stop at the vent. We go the extra mile by refurbishing your dryer’s overall performance:

Complete Lint Removal: We scour for any lint accumulated around your dryer’s lint trap and blower housing, ensuring optimal functionality.

Peak Efficiency Installation: Our adept technicians will deliver a pristine installation of your dryer to the ductwork, ensuring seamless airflow and maximizing dryer performance.

Our mission is to make your dryer as safe and efficient as possible, devoid of hidden charges or unforeseen fees. Our pricing is transparent, based on a flat rate, so there’s no need to fear unpleasant surprises.

Vent Busters: We’re not here to upsell unnecessary extras—we’re here to deliver an unparalleled, safer, more efficient dryer experience. Dive deeper into our methods here and see how we distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the appointment?

Laundry Room Assessment:

To begin, we will carefully evaluate your laundry room. Please ensure that there are no items on the floor or on top of the dryer. Once we start, we will need to pull out the machine.

Dryer Inspection:

We will inspect the dryer and its installation by running it. We prefer to unhook the machine and pull it out, so please avoid disconnecting anything if possible. Before our arrival, please refrain from running the dryer and make sure it is empty.

Vent Inspection and Cleaning:

We will check the outside vent and take initial airflow readings. Based on our observations, we will provide recommendations and commence the cleaning process.

Your Involvement and Convenience:

You are welcome to be as involved as you like during the service. Our technicians are happy to engage in conversation while working and can offer insights and educate you on clothes dryers and household maintenance.

If you are busy or working from home, rest assured that we are self-sufficient and can carry out the service from start to finish with minimal disruption.

Communication and Updates:

We will keep you informed throughout the job by texting you pictures of the work in progress. Please have your phone ready in case we have any questions or comments for you while our technician is working.

Completion and Payment:

Once the cleaning is complete, our technician will provide an explanation of the accomplished tasks, expectations, maintenance tips, and a cleaning schedule. You can make the payment directly to the technician using a credit card, check, or cash.

Why do you have to access my laundry room?

Most dryer fires and efficiency issues start at the hose that connects your dryer to the ductwork. The installation of the machine plays a huge roll. Simply cleaning out the vent and ignoring the installation can be dangerous and careless. Most dryer transition hoses I inspect can be improved or are in need of repair.

When I leave your home I want to guarantee the entire system is clean, efficient and safe. Besides, pulling out the dryer provides a good time to find all those missing socks and hangers!

Will you fix the hose on the back of my dryer?

Yes. Airflow and safety issues start at the transition hose that connects the dryer to the ductwork. All of our cleanings come with high heat, UL listed installations.

Will you go on the roof?

In the event that your dryer exhausts to the roof it is very important to make sure the roof cap is working properly. Roof runs tend to get clogged at the cap and can cause a heavy blockage even if the duct is clean.

I usually clean the vent from the laundry room to the roof. A camera is sent up the pipe to the roof cap and checked for issues. If there is heavy build up or an issue with the baffle we will manually clean it.

I can access most roofs but in the event of a dangerous pitch or tricky placement the roof cap can usually be cleaned from the attic.

What about my floors?

I protect floors and carpets by using thick canvas and hard skid mats to pull the machine out. The legs of the dryer never come into contact with the flooring. If you have a heavy stack setup or laundry center I carry an inflatable appliance mover that lifts the machines and floats them out with little effort. Not damaging floors is a top priority and taken very seriously.

Will you go into my attic or crawlspace?

If you suspect there is a problem or there is a “zero airflow” situation I will usually go inspect the actual pipe. Before the cleaning we perform a variety of pressure and visual tests. If I detect a problem then I will go for a full inspection and come up with a solution.

Will you wear booties in my house?

I prefer to take my shoes off at the door. I do a lot of in and out and taking booties on and off is a tripping hazard. If you prefer I always have fresh booties and shoe covers available. Either way I will never walk on carpeting with boots on and will not track dirt/mud into the home.

Do you charge by the length of the pipe?

No. Some companies will low ball a “service price” to get in the door and then charge more based on the length of the run. My price is based on how difficult it is to access behind the dryer and the outside vent cap. The length of the vent doesn’t play a roll in price as the cleaning procedure is the same.

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