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Dryer Vent Cleaning – Burlington NC

Greensboro dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Vent Busters is the top choice for everything dryer vent in the Burlington area. Highly reviewed, neighborhood favorite and a small family business.

Dryer Vent Installation

Ever considered what a faulty dryer vent might mean for your home’s safety? With Vent Busters, we’ve successfully tackled numerous dryer vent hazards in Burlington, providing homeowners with improved safety and peace of mind.

Our technique is straightforward—utilize only high-standard, code-compliant metal parts, creating a dependable and efficient exhaust system. The perks? Enhanced safety, increased energy efficiency, and minimized fire risks.

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bird nest removal

Bird Nest Removal

Facing issues with birds nesting in your bathroom vents? At Vent Busters Burlington, we don’t just resolve the problem, we prevent it from reoccurring.

We specialize in thorough removal of bird nests and prevent potential damage to your ductwork that could lead to bug infestations or unpleasant odors.

Our team’s efficiency in restoring proper airflow and providing durable bird guards positions us as your go-to solution for vent-related issues.

Vent Cover Repair

Worn vent covers can transform your home into a gateway for pests, causing potential issues. Damaged vent covers may interfere with the airflow of dryers and bathroom fans, causing damage or potential fire.

Vent Busters assists homeowners in the Burlington area by providing high-quality, functional vent covers. Our reputation for reliability makes us a preferred choice for vent cover repair services. Contact Vent Busters today to fortify your home against pests and ensure optimal airflow.

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Laundry Room Assessment:

To begin, we will carefully evaluate your laundry room. Please ensure that there are no items on the floor or on top of the dryer. Once we start, we will need to pull out the machine.

Dryer Inspection:

We will inspect the dryer and its installation by running it. We prefer to unhook the machine and pull it out, so please avoid disconnecting anything if possible. Before our arrival, please refrain from running the dryer and make sure it is empty.

Vent Inspection and Cleaning:

We will check the outside vent and take initial airflow readings. Based on our observations, we will provide recommendations and commence the cleaning process.

Your Involvement and Convenience:

You are welcome to be as involved as you like during the service. Our technicians are happy to engage in conversation while working and can offer insights and educate you on clothes dryers and household maintenance.

If you are busy or working from home, rest assured that we are self-sufficient and can carry out the service from start to finish with minimal disruption.

Communication and Updates:

We will keep you informed throughout the job by texting you pictures of the work in progress. Please have your phone ready in case we have any questions or comments for you while our technician is working.

Completion and Payment:

Once the cleaning is complete, our technician will provide an explanation of the accomplished tasks, expectations, maintenance tips, and a cleaning schedule. You can make the payment directly to the technician using a credit card, check, or cash.

Yes. Airflow and safety issues start at the transition hose that connects the dryer to the ductwork. All of our cleanings come with high heat, UL listed installations.

Dryer vents are supposed to be built using heavy duty metal ductwork and have a short clear path to the outside. Unfortunately home builders and handymen used inferior materials for decades and many homes across Greensboro are having issues with failed vents and exhausting into the structure of the home or sometimes no where at all!

Flexible tubing, plastic, PVC and even improperly installed metal duct work can trap moisture and lint. If the installer was careless enough to use these cheap materials they usually don’t do a great job at sealing or securing the vent either. This leads to broken vents, moisture problems, long dry times and can even cause a fire.

Dryer vents are usually installed in the dark recesses of our homes. Attics, crawl spaces, basements and other hard to reach areas. It can be hard to tell where the vent is or what kind of condition it is in.

During any cleaning or evaluation call we are able to run tests on the vent to check for issues and are experts at navigating these hard to reach places for inspection.

If there is any type of white plastic tubing or flexible material involved beyond the actual dryer hookup, there is reason for concern.

Bathroom vents are very delicate and require special care to clean out properly.

We have an arsenal of tools to safely extract the nesting without damaging the vent. We pull out pine straw, wood chips, poop and other nesting the birds bring into the vent.

Once the vent is clear we provide a guard suitable for your siding.

Bathroom vents are made of an insulated flexible core. This is the same type of vent modern HVAC systems use. It is very delicate and birds can rip into it. Once the outer core is punctured the birds gain access to your ceilings, walls, attics, etc. The damage can be in the thousands.

Birds bring disease, bugs, mold and smells. Your fan will circulate the contaminated air back into the bathroom whenever you are taking a shower…

A properly working dryer vent cover or cap is crucial for several reasons.

  1. Adds a layer of bird and pest protection.
  2. Stops cold air from entering the duct which can create condensation and back pressure.
  3. Cuts off oxygen supply in the event of a dryer fire.
  4. Adds curb appeal to your home

Plastic vent caps and covers are a cost effective solution for dryer and bathroom exhausts. We offer a variety of options depending on your home’s siding.

The negative of plastic covers is they will fade & deteriorate in direct sunlight. Lifespan can be anywhere from 2-7 years depending on the height and amount of sun. They tend to last longer lower to the ground or in a shaded application. Plastic covers can also cause more back pressure and promote lint buildup in dryer vents.

Our metal vent caps are made in the USA, super efficient and available in more colors and finishes then plastic options.

A high quality metal vent cap can last decades without the need of replacement. They are very attractive, offer advanced pest protection, reduce back pressure and allow better air flow from dryers, bathroom fans and kitchen exhaust.


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