How much does dryer vent cleaning cost?


How much does dryer vent cleaning cost?

Searching and calling around to find how much this dryer vent cleaning near you is going to cost? Who do you even call to clean out the dryer vent? The prices and level of service can vary greatly from company to company. Some charge as little as $49 while others want $200 or more. Why such a difference in price?

Cheaper isn’t always better

Lets face it, you simply can’t run a service business for $49-$79 house calls. It can actually cost a company this amount of money just to drive a technician to your house. So how do they make a profit and stay in business? Everything costs extra. These are commissioned salesman sent to your home with the goal of inflating the ticket price.

What could they possibly charge extra for?

Unlike Vent Busters flat rate pricing, other companies typical upcharges during a service call include:

  • Bird nest removal
  • Longer dryer vent length
  • Excessive clogs
  • Transition hose & clamps
  • Cleaning out the dryer
  • Repairing duct connection
  • Climbing on roof
  • Second story vent
  • Tight spaces
  • Stacked Dryer or Laundry Center

When we visit a home near Greensboro for dryer vent cleaning we always find several of these problems that need to be taken care of. You can see how that $45 vent cleaning could turn into hundreds of dollars very quickly once the extras are tacked on. The servicer is hoping you will feel obligated to proceed since they are already there and have began working.

Vent Busters offers a flat rate price.

Dryer Vent Cleaning cost shouldn’t be an arm and a leg. Our goal on every dryer vent cleaning appointment is to not only clean the vent but create as safe and efficient setup as possible. We aren’t interested in upselling extras that are necessary for the proper operation of your dryer. After all isn’t that why you called? We will remove bird nests, replace broken transition hoses, clean up excessive lint, access roof vents, climb to second story vents, make minor repairs and clean out the dryer’s lint trap and blower housing. Our full service cleanings are one price and all of the variables others charge more for are included.

Included with Vent Busters

Fire fighters, carpet cleaners and part timers

We go to homes all of the time where a carpet cleaner, part time fire fighter, handyman, pressure washer, gutter cleaner or landscaper has tried to clean out a dryer vent to make a quick buck. Sometimes it works out and other times it goes terribly wrong. Brushes can get stuck, dryer vents can break, clogs are created, floors get scratched and you are left with more problems then before.

Vent Busters specializes in dryer vents. We do not clean carpets, hang out at a fire house or call ourselves a wizard. We clean and repair dryer vents in the triad every day all day. Not only do we only deal with dryer vent issues but we have two decades of experience in the appliance industry.

Blow & Go Services Do Not Work!

What is a blow and go service? Anyone that tells you the dryer vent can simply be cleaned from the outside using compressed air isn’t providing a thorough or safe service. Dryer fires start at the actual dryer. The installation of the flexible tubing behind your dryer plays a critical role in efficiency and safety. Crushed, ripped, long or improper transition hoses can cause dusty laundry rooms, poor dry times and fires even with a “clean vent”. A professional dryer installation is necessary for the success of the cleaning service.

If the company you call for dryer vent cleaning in Greensboro doesn’t access the laundry room or pull out the dryer it is careless and dangerous. These types of services are interested in getting in and out as quickly as possible. A thorough dryer vent cleaning service should take around an hour for a straight forward call.

What does Vent Busters Charge?

Vent Busters has cleaned out thousands of dryer vents near Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point and surrounding areas. We have been voted Next Door Neighborhood Favorite in dozens of communities. We specialize and make our primary income servicing dryer vents. Trust our experience and reputation to do a great job for you at a fair price. Check out our flat rate pricing or give us a call @ 336-899-8001.