Importance of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning


Importance of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

A clothes dryer exhaust vent funnels wet, hot dry air away from the dryer and home interior to the outdoors. Although every dryer has a lint trap, the exhaust vent air contains tiny particles of fibers from clothes and hair. Over time, this debris creates a build-up of lint inside of the vent. A partial or full blockage makes it harder for the air to vent outdoors, which results in clothing taking longer to dry and parts overheating as the dryer works harder to force out the air. A blockage results in higher monthly electric or gas utility bills. In a worst-case scenario, the lint can catch fire and destroy not only the dryer but also your home.

Regular vent cleaning to remove the lint is the only way to save time and money. Yet, do-it-yourself cleaning isn’t as fast or inexpensive as you might think. Consider the following top three reasons why you should invest in professional dryer vent cleaning services:

Hardened Lint Buildup

You probably expect all of the lint in your clothes dryer vent to be loose and fluffy. Instead, moist, hot air from drying clothing eventually turns old lint into a hardened, condensed material that sticks to the interior surfaces of the vent. This material isn’t usually easy to remove without proper professional tools handled by an expert. You can actually damage your dryer’s vent, especially if it’s a foil hose product, when you try to remove the buildup on your own.

Do-It-Yourself Kit Problems

Even if you invest in a consumer – or professional-grade vent cleaning kit, your lack of experience can result in expensive vent or dryer damage. Additionally, you will quickly discover that you’ve wasted more time and money trying to save both with do-it-yourself tools. Most DIY enthusiasts don’t realize that lint removal requires more than pushing or blowing a blockage through the vent. Other debris from outdoors, such as leaves and twigs, can build up inside of it, which makes cleaning more difficult. The interior housing of the dryer needs to be cleaned as well. A dryer technician has the tools and skills to quickly and safely clean these areas.

Dangerous Unexpected Guests

Many people are surprised to learn that their dryer vents have become homes to pests, including arachnids, insects, birds, mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes and even the juvenile offspring and young adults of larger mammals like raccoons, groundhogs, and skunks. While you’re trying to clean out your vent, an angry or rabid pest might attack. With arachnids and insects alone, you need to consider the possibility that you might be bitten or stung by something poisonous or venomous.

Who You Gonna Call?

At Vent Busters, our team has the knowledge and experience to efficiently handle these and other dryer vent cleaning scenarios in the safest manner possible. We also know how to safely tackle toxic mold that can sometimes form inside and near dryer vents. In addition, we offer vent repair services. We take pride in helping to educate our customers in Greensboro, NC, and nearby areas, about how to maintain their dryers and vents between service calls. For more information or to schedule a vent inspection, cleaning or repair, call today.