Park Place – Greensboro – Dryer Vent Showcase

Park Place Townhomes

Park Place Townhomes: Dryer Vent Showcase

Established in 1984, Park Place offers an array of beautiful all-brick townhomes, encompassing the charm of Greensboro. But hidden beneath these gems is a secret—narrow crawlspaces housing 40-year-old dryer vents!

Installed four decades ago, these original vents lacked the benefits of contemporary technology. Proper hangers, quality sealant or durable sheet metal were not included, resulting in vents that are often rusted or fractured. These compromised vents can lead to lint and moisture blowing right under your house. Moreover, the exhausting route for the heated air is over a whopping 40 feet to the rear of the house—quite a haul for your clothing dryer.

Enter Vent Busters.

Our team has repaired and replaced many of these time-tired vents with high-efficiency designs to ease the strain on your clothes dryer, all while enduring years of use. We take pride in entering those challenging crawlspaces to deliver a quality outcome—and we aim to do it just once. Our workmanship, paired with cutting-edge materials, assure a sturdy, efficient vent system.

Park Place Townhomes residents, why not join your neighbors in breathing easier when doing laundry? Contact Vent Busters today for a worry-free journey towards efficient, effective, and safer laundry venting. We’re about more than just vents—we’re about providing lasting peace of mind.

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